Jitsi Meet is an Open Source WebRTC JavaScript application that uses Jitsi Videobridge to provide high quality, scalable video conferences.

All you need to know really is that it is a great piece of software to host your own online video meeting with others, with little to no constraint for anyone.

Earlier (up to May 2020), on desktop / laptop computers, it was recommended to use Chromium (or any derivative, like Brave) for a better experience, especially for 5+ participants. The issue / lack of feature on Mozilla Firefox have been addressed and backported since to firefox-esr (long-term support version on Linux distributions, for more stability), so there should be no need to spin up any Chrome derivative browser now.

Official documentation

Project https://jitsi.org/projects/
Documentation User documentation (from Mashable article)

Nomagic documentation

The User documentation in the link will present you with pretty much everything you need to know. As a Nomagic user, you will be able to open a meeting room after authenticating with your usual credentials.

If you send a link to a meeting in advance and are late for the meeting, others will be invited to wait for you (the host) 💺


What about Jitsi Meet in Matrix/Riot ?

It's in the pipeline, and will be our main focus for our next Matrix update, as the Matrix.org team has been working hard on better integrating Jitsi Meet into Matrix.